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With over ten years working in Stage Management, I have a lot of experience working on a variety of productions; from one person shows to full scale operas, and everything in between, and I have worked in all the roles of the Stage Management team, from Assistant Stage Manager through to Production Manager. 


My work so far has taken me on UK tours with Librarian Theatre, on school tours with Futures Theatre, into gardens with Shakespeare in the Squares, into pub theatres, churches and theatres. As a Stage Manager I am organised and proficient, with an understanding of how to keep a show running to time and budget. With such a varied freelance career I find I fit into new teams with ease and confidence, connecting with those I’m working with to create a strong company. 


I love the variety that comes with working in a stage management team; whether I’m an ASM sourcing props and assisting with scene changes during performances, or whether I’m an SM dealing with the logistics of a production to ensure that all departments are happy and on schedule. Amongst my stage management work I have also developed my technical knowledge, so that as I work with sound and lighting departments I understand what they need to get their jobs done. 


My current job finds me working as the Theatre Technician at Lady Eleanor Holles where I assist the Theatre Manager with the school’s productions. My main focus is to source or make the props and costumes for each show, and together we will build and paint the sets. When we’re not preparing for one of the five shows performed each year, I also assist the Drama GCSE and A-Level students with the technical aspects of their exams.


In addition to my stage management work, I’m also a prop maker and scenic artist. If that side of my career intrigues you, feel free to learn more about that here

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