Kai Everington | Pendley Shakespeare Festival | Festival Director (2019)

"Rachel consistently delivers excellent work, thanks to her dedication and keen eye for detail. Her clear love for her craft shines through and often lifts the rest of the team. She is quick to solve problems and organise the relevant people in realising creative solutions. Notably, when the Festival experienced an unfortunate seating mishap, Rachel was at the centre of the innovative swimming pool solution, with her calm attitude and impeccable organisation enabling us to complete this audacious build. She marshalled a team of 40 creatives across the three week festival, including personally mentoring 2 DSMs and an ASM. She is a genuinely exceptional team member and would be an invaluable asset as part of any team."

Jack Blackburn | Pendley Shakespeare Festival | Festival Director (2018)

"Rachel was a pleasure to work with; utterly professional and made hard-workers look almost slothful. As a novice producer, she was very understanding and always helpful – I could not have asked for more. She was always trying to enable the vision of our theatre-makers, striving to ensure that they were able to achieve their goals completely and safely. She is a great team-player, never acting out of self-interest and was always polite and keen to find solutions to any problem that arose." 

Susan Fletcher | Shakespeare in the Squares Producer (2018)

"Rachel was a calm, competent, reassuring presence during the Shakespeare in the Squares 2018 four-week summer tour.  She dealt with 10 actors, 18 shows, 16 outdoor venues, 16 different green rooms and nothing phased her, whether it was a flute damaged by rain or a member of the cast in A&E. A great person to have on the team."

Philip Scott-Wallace | Small Things Theatre Co-Founder & Producer (2017)

"Rachel is a marvelous company stage manager, operator and all round team player. Never reluctant to contribute time and effort to the project, Rachel threw herself in to our show at the 503, running errands, building set and also carrying out her stage manager duties with ease, excellence and no fuss whatsoever. I can't recommend her enough."

Kelly Eva-May | Librarian Theatre Joint Artistic Director & Producer (2016)

"Rachel is one of the most reliable people I've met. She's punctual, consistent and will always go out of her way to make sure the job is done and the team is happy. For this reason she's my first go-to for stage managers whenever I need one. Rachel is also incredibly reliable, personable and friendly. She has a reputation in the company for keeping a cool head under pressure, and she's great with budgeting, handling company money and any tour set up that's been thrown at her."

Christopher Silvester | Freelance Production & Stage Manager (2015)

"Rachel has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail is impeccable, with her care to props and organisation within her own paperwork and within her team. The collaboration in the rehearsal room with providing assistance to the director and relaying information that is produced to the rest of the production team in a high level of detail and substance. She doesn't hesitate in asking on how something is done if she is unaware, and is a very willing to learn person. She picks up items very quickly. She has been a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again."

Alec Jordan | Stage Manager (2014)

​"I couldn't have hoped for a better team member - her skill and professionalism where second to none. Not only did Rachel need to cover her role of looking after the book and preparing to call a show, she also needed to step up to the role of SM on occasion, leading the team and looking after the company. She has become my number one go to if I have any more SM positions to offer."

Bubbles Hall | Freelance Stage Manager (2014)

"Rachel was one of two placement ASM's on the Sam Wanamaker festival at the Globe. I found her to be very efficient and helpful. She performed set tasks immediately and with care and attention. She was also very good at using her initiative and doing tasks that she saw needed doing without being asked. I would definitely work with Rachel again."

David Wooding | Director, Twinwood Events Limited (2013)

"Rachel worked extremely hard, putting in long hours, and coping with high stress situations which occur at this multi-artist event. Her on-stage work prior to, and in between acts was fast, accurate, and competent. Her back-stage work handling dressing room allocations, riders etc was calm and efficient and she was able to handle the most demanding artists with ease."