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Twinwood Events Ltd
Twinwood Vintage Festival
Stage Manager
August 2019
For the sixth year, I worked as the Stage Manager for the Main Stage at the Twinwood Vintage Festival ( Across the four day festival I looked after artists and performers, ensuring that they got onstage at the correct time and had everything they needed for their set. I also worked closely with the sound technicians (provided by ESS Hire) to ensure that all performances started at their designated times.
Pendley Shakespeare Festival
Macbeth & Merry Wives of Windsor
Stage Manager
July - August 2019
I worked as the Stage Manager at the Pendley Shakespeare Festival. The festival lasted three weeks with rehearsals in the first week, performances of Macbeth in the second, and performances of Merry Wives of Windsor in the final week. During the festival I headed the Stage Management team, assisting my Assistant Stage Manager with prop sourcing and teaching my Deputy Stage Managers the basics of DSMing.
Librarian Theatre
The Green Ship
Production Stage Manager
April - June 2019
Librarian Theatre received permission to adapted Quentin Blake's children's book 'The Green Ship' into a 60 minute, tourable production. The show toured to libraries around the UK for two months. During the tour I was responsible for setting up the technical equipment and then operating the lighting and sound. I also created a tour pack for the cast detailing all the performance venues, performance times and accommodation whilst on tour.
The Old Red Lion
The Noises
Stage Manager on Book
March - April 2019
The Noises was the first production I worked on that had a strong focus on accessibility. We had access consultants help develop the work so that the performances could be attended by blind audience members. During the rehearsal process I kept the prompt book up to date and operated sound so that the actor could get used to how the sound fitted in with her dialogue. During the performances I operated lighting and sound.
ESS Hire
The Jack Petchey Glee Club Challenge
Technical Crew
February 2019
I worked as a member of the technical team with ESS Hire ( The Glee Club Challenge had regionals at Chelmsford Civic Theatre in Chelmsford, The Orchard Theatre in Dartford, Millfield Theatre in Enfield and The Browadway Theatre in Barking. The final then took place at London Palladium, London. During the shows I assisted with the mic changes.
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